Chimu, Native American people, whose kingdom in what is now Peru flourished during the 14th and 15th centuries. At its greatest extent, their state controlled much of the coastal area of northern Peru. The Chimu economy was agricultural and depended on an elaborate system of irrigation. Their capital, Chan Chan, near the present city of Trujillo, covered more than 15 sq km (6 sq mi) and was surrounded by a wall 9 m (30ft) high. Its well-preserved ruins are among the most important archaeological remains in Peru. According to 16th - century Spanish chroniclers, there were nine monarchs in the Chimu dynasty. The last of them, Min chan gamon, was defeated by the Incas, who conquered the Chimu Empire about 1470. The Chimu continued the artistic traditions of the earlier Mochica culture and passed them on to the Incas.